The PyTorch Book


Aayush Agrawal


What is this book about?

This is a collection of content compiled during my journey to learn PyTorch, machine learning, and deep learning. The book will primarily cover practical applications of PyTorch and popular frameworks that build upon PyTorch, such as FastAI and Huggingface. Please note that this book is a work in progress and additional chapters will be added over time.I hope that this book, with its collection of theory and practical projects, will be useful for others who are also learning PyTorch.

About Author

Aayush Agrawal is a skilled data scientist with expertise in machine learning solutions. He is interested in staying up-to-date with the latest data technologies, including big data platforms, deep learning, optimization methods, and business analytics. At the time of writing, He is working on developing data-driven products to improve recommendations for Microsoft Partners, M365 service administrators, and end-users in order to optimize the use of M365 services. Aayush has previously worked in various industries such as agricultural technology, pharmaceuticals, retail, e-commerce, and ride-sharing.

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The Pytorch book is a comprehensive, open-source resource on PyTorch and deep learning using only free software in Python. Its goal is to be accessible both financially and intellectually.

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